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#createyourlight The Pursuit of Light in Dark Times

© Lily Rose

© MMGrafix

The world is on hold. The privilege of travelling, exploring new places and capturing stories - things that photographers usually do - is at the moment non existent.

Ironically, global isolation has for the first time in a long time brought people all over the world closer together. And yet, it is all an individual experience. We are living a moment in history that will have a huge impact on our future.

Let's document this piece of history, find the light in the darkness and tell that story to the world.

Individual by individual. Together.

#createyourlight is a joint effort between photographers of all levels, trying to bring some light to these difficult times. United by the same challenge but separated by individual experiences, each of us has a story to tell. Please help us tell that story and inspire others to do the same. #createyourlight is all about providing people with opportunities to learn while they are at home, challenging their creative powers in difficult environments and share their light with others.

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